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Firstly, let’s assume the product or service you offer is premium quality. In a perfect world, this alone would attract your target audience through referrals and word of mouth.

However, in reality, there’s often more you can do to generate exposure and provide value for your prospects.

This process boils down to:

1. Devising a winning marketing strategy
2. Creating awesome online content
3. Distributing that material to your target audience

When you have a solid marketing strategy, content allows you to deliver extra value to your target market; informative, educational or entertaining material to position your brand and build relationships.

It’s a way for your audience to get to know and trust your organisation before a transaction has even taken place.

Content can include website pages, articles, videos and emails; long-term assets that make your business glow like an amber bourbon on a dark winters night…

While improving your SEO, lead generation, sales and customer retention.

When you have nice, shiny content, there are two main ways of distributing it:

Paid acquisition – think Facebook or Google ads

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – optimising your site and building links to your content from other websites

Social media engagement – think engaging posts and viral videos

If you have money to spend on paid ads, wonderful. It’s like pouring gasoline on the marketing fire.

But you can also get eyeballs on your website by optimising for free SEO traffic.

As a founder or CEO, you may not have time to plan your marketing approach, tweak your website and create killer content…

While simultaneously running your business effectively.


If you’ve got an interesting project and would like to bounce some ideas around, drop me a line!


Sales funnel creation (the mechanics of getting people to your website and transforming them into loyal customers)
Copywriting (telling engaging stories to appeal to your audience)
Paid advertising (e.g. Google/Facebook ads)
Search Engine Optimisation (getting free traffic from the Google Gods)
Lead generation (generating new business or partnership enquiries on autopilot)
And more…

So, feel free to get in touch to see how I can help grow your business.