Want to engage your website visitors as soon as they land on your site?

Need more information on your customers?

Fancy a frictionless way to collect contact details, generate new enquiries and close more business?

A chatbot might just be the solution.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is simply an application that can be plugged into your business to generate more conversations and enquiries on autopilot.

It works for you 24/7 and allows you to deliver a more interactive service to your website visitors and customers.

Benefits of a chatbot

Perhaps the main benefit of chatbots is their ability to engage people more than an old fashioned contact form.

If you’re investing in money into paid ads like Google, you want to ensure you’re getting the highest return on investment possible, so the more people that reach out via your website, the better.

Secondly, unless you’re a huge business with sales reps waiting to take new enquiries, then you could benefit from a chatbot.

Applications like this are waiting on your website to talk to people day and night.

Ultimately, this saves you money, as you collect contact details and reach out to customers when it’s suitable for you.

Using this new technology also allows you to ask any questions you want from your customers. By doing so, you can find out valuable information.

If more website visitors are interested in particular products or services, you can feature these areas of your website more prominently.

Collecting this data means you can also screen potential leads before you reply to them, arming you with the knowledge to improve your conversion rate.

Next steps

Interested in signing up for a chatbot?

Just one more good enquiry a month will pay for a chatbot multiple times over.

Purchase the package below and generate more enquiries and leads today.

One time set-up fee – £50

Rolling monthly contract thereafter – £50